Government Propaganda-- Zombies are not our friends!

We sure have come a long way since the US government produced this film during the post-war epidemic.  Well, maybe we haven't come that far. 

US government policy now is denial and secrecy, but at least they aren't spreading dangerous disinformation anymore.  How many people were lost in the 50's because of misguided zombie hiring programs?

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I remember when the governement made us watch that newsreel when I worked for Hudson in Detroit! All of a sudden we were supposed to be training zombies to work the line. Stupidest damn thing they ever did!

We spent days training the things to put togethre carberators. I couldn't get the damn zombie to pay attention. It spent the whole time just moaning and trying to bite me.

A couple buddies were bit and joined the 'zeeez' as we called them.Hudson lost millions on that experiement. Where are they today? Can you buy a car at the local Hudson dealer? I disagree with every part of this movie except the "damn commies" part. Can't trust zombies or the reds!


Awww. The cartoon zombies are cute! We should be friends with zombies! They're adorable! LOL! :-)

God wills it

zombies are great targets for the enemy of war.
all people fear zombies.
its a fact, zombies can take up to fifty pounds of lead in their body before they die


I shot mah freind twice (alive) and he died, then he got up and it took 25 times the lead.(dead)

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