Finally, Bush Gets It!

Say what you will about the current administration's policies but at least we finally have someone looking out for the common man.

Really, I'm just embarassed by the ignorance of this reporter.  It's obvious that the vast moderate-media conspiracy has a pro-zombie agenda.  First rule of discrediting someone is to pretend they don't make sense.

Wake up America!

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bush is a puppet to the zombie agenda, he has speechwriters to intentionally make him look like an idiot to throw people off the fight against zombies, is the truth of the matter. everything this administration has done is to destroy the constitution, freedom, and encourage the spread of zombies, please look into it, this is no joke.


if you vote for Ron Paul, you or anyone else will never be turned into a zombie, and will be able to fly again without being strip searched. FREEDOM is Dr Ron Paul.


@paulisgreat I was wondering how long it would take...

Although if you really look at this site, I think you'll find that it's not compatible with Ron Paul... what with their allies and supporters including the ACLU, Zombies Are People (ZAP) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies (PETZ). He's a nutcase!


First Post!


crap! third post!


I don't know why Bush is so mean! Why does he hate zombies so much!?!! Cheynee is a zombie and i think he's cute! LOL :-)


If you fear things such as these, then the Bush Administration has already won


That guy is a Johnny-Come-Lately to the zombie movement, but he gets the attention of reporters, while longterm veterans of zombie fighting who have pioneered it and promoted it for decades are sidelined.
Bush's family made their money from the oil industry which uses zombie labor! His father was a senior exec at Occidental Petroleum! His presidential campaign was originally sponsored by Occidental Chairman Armand Hammer! And now this guy is acting like he's discovered zombies???


Global Swarming is a MYTH!!! There's no scientific evidence to support "Swarms of Zombies" wiping out mankind! This is just political opportunism at its worst!


If i die, thats why i choose to be burried, not cremated. If there is a zombie apocolypse, i want to take part in it dead or alive!!! FEAR ME! I will be the sneaky zombie that hides in your fridge that drips my coagulated blood into your coke so you become one of me! AND I WILL BITE YOUR FINGER OFF IF YOU TRY AND TAKE THE LAST PIECE OF BOLOGNA!

Siobhan M. :D

LMAO i hope people know that this conversation with bush never happened xD its just a dude with a green screen who was clever enough to well put together a mashup to make bush look even MORE like an idiot. LOVEEE IIITTT (:

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