Adequate film hides real zombie footage in credits

Like WWII movies, zombie films are a dime-a-dozen.  Everyone is so familiar with the real-life history involved that they practically write themselves. 

 Actual WWII footage suffers from grainy, black-and-white film stock so you rarely see actual footage used anymore.  Zombie films deal with a contemporary crisis and have the advantage of thousands of teams of professional news and amateur photographers.

The 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead is one of the few examples of actual zombie footage used in a fictional zombie movie.  

Some have argued that using this real footage so soon after the real-life events was exploitive, but it got the point across even if the rest of the movie contained common fallacies.

Take a look at the (slightly disturbing) clip of the film's compelling opening above.  Even if you don't like the content, you can't argue with the use of Johnny Cash.

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I can argue against the use of Johnny Cash. I don't like him. He supports the War on Zombies. Despite all of the information available to people, apathy and ignorance still run rampant in this country. How else do you explain the support for the War on Zombies for the next presidential election? A lot of people think Hillary is going to end the War on Zombies, despite her actions and voting record proving that she has no intention to. A lot of people (apparently, I have yet to meet an actual Giuliani supporter) think Giuliani is the savior of the War on Zombies, despite the fact that he did a terrible job in the last outbreak.


First Post!


I play this movie for stubby ALL the time!! I think he really likes the part withall the zommies in the street outisde the mall!!! He gets excisted and bumps into the walls of his pit! its sooooo cute! LOL :-)

Steven Roy Burton

The Movie (dawn of the dead) is a classic but also ad's a reality theme about what would it be like if a event like this accured.

What ever the case is i believe in (zombies, walking dead) because in the world today seems like strange but truthly take's you on a story of hatred and war.

In every zombie movies out there is another way off saying the world isn't what it seems anymore but also there is a secret trying to brake free.


i completely agree with that


how come none of the people in these movies knows anything about zombies ???


yo xD i will kill everyone

michael nardoni

i kick buts

Juan Lucero

lolz i am scared of zombies XD my friend michael is here


lsd is good is some cases but dont watch a zombie , i mean if the the case is real woulden't there be more of these events going around and then just small cases , i do belive the goverment lie to the pulic about what they do but come on here zombie outbreak realy but nice joke anyway sure it funny in a sick , but thats all it is a joke non the less and the world hase not ended yet , if people realy whants to prove this thing actualy exist then they would need more proof on the matter not just some video they probley found on yourtube .

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