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 Zombie Cake!We get plenty of comments from you, our readers, but now we're just blushing at the ovewhelmingly positive communication. 

To celebrate we recently treated our entire support staff to cake (with milk!).  As you can see in the photo of the joyous occasion to the left, the cake was shaped like a little village under attack from gummy zombies.  We think you can see from their expressions that the entire staff was having a great time!

Some of the highlights:

Recently, reader Schimmy147 commented on the usefulness of our RSS Feeds and commenting system and had a very rewarding online conversation with our support staff:

  "I'm very much interested in zombies and zombie-culture... click through just to read this valuable information" and "I think... I... stay interested in... every single word you post here about zombies..."

Zombie enthusiast and religous advocate Vertibird says:

"All hail our new zombie overlords"

Metallurgist and archaeologist Ismellofelderberries wrote:

"You've got a great design..."

Jules raves:

"Adorable! :-)"

And of course we've recieved thousands of emails from our newsletter recipients asking for more information about "unsubscribing".  We've heard you!  We'll soon be sending out a daily newsletter dealing with just this topic!  Thanks again! Now, who wants a piece of cake?

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First post!


First Post!




Mmmmm! Zombie Cake!! That looks sooooooo good!!! Your teck support has always been great for me!!! You deserve it!!!! Yum!! LOL :-)

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