Archaeology Magazine Details Zombie Attack in Ancient Egypt

Zombie Trowel TechniquePrestigious Archaeology Magazine has posted research detailing evidence of a zombie outbreak in ancient Egypt near Hierakonpolis  approximately 5000 years ago.  Yes, Archaeology Magazine!  Remember their biting expose when the statue of Hadrian was unearthed at Sagalassos?  When we think of all the fun we've had reading this publication... wow.  Good times, good times.

Preliminary evidence points to the Solanum virus, as many skeletons have been unearthed sans heads.  Curious glyphs on the famous Palette of Narmer (apparently carved by the ancient scribe Steve Narmer also of Hierakonpolis) show stacked headless bodies and zombie-fighting weapons.

Archeological teams on-site are taking steps to train their people in zombie fighting techniques just in case a viable virus is unearthed.  One team member is reportedly eager to start lopping off heads, bringing great comfort to his comrades.  We'll have more information as it develops.

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