Zombies Glorified, Lala Makes It All Better

They're at it again and it makes our blood boil.  As if impending doom from the undead wasn't bad enough, the TV show "It's Alive" from Pittsburg, PA seem to think celebrating the occasion is a good idea. 

Organizer Mark Menold says, "I like it when 10 people show up somewhere and just shamble around for no reason".  Sure, they used the inapproriate event to collect canned food for charity, but this has irresponsible written all over it.   If people get used to recieving food from zombies they might start to lose their fear.  The last thing we need is for kids to think of zombies as some kind of a smelly, decaying, Santa Claus of Spaghettios and  creamed corn.

We're sure Mark will be one of the first victims of the next outbreak as he bravely walks up to the nearest Zombie and gives it a big hug.  So why the calendar photo?  Well, Lala is just stunning to look at, but if you go buy her calendar you'll have somewhere to mark down "World Zombie Day" coming October 26.  We'll have more info as the date gets closer. .

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