New Card, Zombie Lincoln Officially Endorsed

Zombie Lincoln for PresidentYou've been asking us.  You've been begging us.  Well, finally is willing to go out on a limb and endorse a candidate for this year's presidential election.  We know, you're surprised.  Given our general approval of zombie eradication  and eagerness for a strong zombie defense, why the heck would we endorse a Zombie Party candidate?

We don't have anything against McCain, Obama or Clinton.  Well, ok we do.  But it isn't personal.  Ok fine.  It is personal.  We simply feel that Zombie Lincoln is a candidate with more integrity, honesty, and braaaains.  That's it.

Sure, the Zombie Party has a huge advertising budget and has been purchasing large blocks of banner ads from major zombie-related web sites.  But that really has nothing to do with this.  The media has a duty to prolong report on the political campaign and provide an outlet for all well-funded political parties to connect with voters.

Vote early.  Vote often.  Vote Zombie Lincoln. .

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Zombie JFK

Let me just say that, while I respect your right to choose, i think Zombie Lincoln is a terrible idea. He's over 200 years old - waaaaay out of touch with the modern world. I think I'd make a much better Zombie President!

- Zombie JFK

Zombie Michael Lynch

While I respectfully disagree with Zombie JFK, I do feel torn between Zombie Lincoln and Zombie Teddy Roosevelt this season.

Who would have believed that I would someday voting for a Republican?! Then again, who would have believed that I would someday be a zombie ...

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