New Zombie Card, Your Mom Would Be Ashamed

Happy Zombie-Free Mother's Day Let's face it, you suck.  No really.  Your mom took care of you and raised you into the fine, strapping, well-adjusted, zombie-hunting person you are today.  But, on Mother's Day all you did was send her was an ecard from a crappy web site that  can't even be bothered to provide daily updates?

Sorry.  That was completely uncalled for.  Our accountants have informed us that the smart, thoughtful and, yes, good looking visitors to our site have provided us with dozens of dollars by clicking on the Amazon links on the right side of the page -- Probably to provide their mother, who gave so much, a little happiness on this special day.

Today's zombie card illustration was created by Joey (6 years old) son of Barbara in our Human Resources department.  Good job, Joey!  You captured your Mom's inner beauty. .

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