New Zombie Card, Happy Zombirth Day!

 There's been some chit and chat as well as spirited arguments around the water cooler in the  spacious IYWAZ tower today.  It all revolved around one question:  Do zombies have birthdays?  Or more importantly, should we celebrate and should there be cake? 

See, Phyllis from Accounting stumbled into our zombie holding pit yesterday leaving us with a quandry as well as several uncompleted expense reports.  Today was her birthday and we had already bought her a cake, sent out the birthday memo, and rented one of those big dirty jugs of orange punch from McDonalds.

 In the end, we decided that birthday celebrations are as much for the celebrants as they are for the person having the birthday.  After all, you get a cake for everyone to share, not just one piece for the birthdayer...birthdayee...person who just got old. 

So, send a card, eat some cake, indulge.  You deserve it!  Someone you know survived another year! .

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Cute! I think you SHOULD continue to celebrate their birthday!! LOL!!! :-)

evil human girl

Keep celebrating - any excuse for cake. Heck, why not celebrate the day they became a zombie too? Twice as much cake!!!

Vampire Zombie Imp

I agree evil.....also....they dont need a captcha password...zombies cant type


Mmmm brains... I MEAN CAKE MMMM CAKE! *Shifty eyes*

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