Zombie Consumerism-- we got mugged

For years the only way to buy genuine IYWAZ merchandise was by physically going to our If You Were a Zombie Visitor Center Gift Shop. Now, just in time for Father's Day, you can help support this site by purchasing high-quality merchandise at low, low prices in our online store.  Today we highlight our ceramic mug:

Do you drink liquids or know someone who does?  You do?!  Well, you might be interested in our "I'm glad you're not a zombie" mug!  Each mug conveniently has the message on both the front and the back so everyone can see it.  Hold it with your left hand-- you can read the message.  Hold it with your right hand-- it's still there! Amazing!  Each mug is guaranteed to hold an unspecified amount of beverages and, through the power of thermodynamics, slowly convert that piping hot or chilly treat to your local ambient room-temperature!  Science.  Is there anything it can't do?  

Buy 12 Today! . .

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