We Get Letters... Zombies, Hate, and World Peace

 Reader N8 writes:

well im not clever enough to actually make the cards but i think you are missing out on a hugh part of the Zombie card industry, you havent included any "im glad your a zombie" cards.   like "i would be happy to kill you"    or   " i cant wait to run a spike threw your heart"     im thinking a whole line of cards to send to your Ex-wife.  

This reminds me of something Mom used to say, "If you can't say anything nice, for God's sake don't write it down and leave a paper trail that THEY can follow."  Leaving aside Mom's troubles with "The Man", our market-research has determined that people don't want more hateful web sites and are looking for ways to spread joy and understanding. 

Just think if our world leaders used IfYouWereAZombie.com to send along a little note to each other.  (We have noticed an increase in cards being sent from the whitehouse.gov domain recently, so we have our fingers crossed) Our cards will continue to  be helpful, optimistic  and cheerful to help you maintain productive relationships while fighting the zombie scourge.  Besides, if your ex becomes a zombie, you've already won.  And one thing we've learned, N8, winning is important.  Thanks for reading. .


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