Zombie Consumerism-- Can You Believe This Shirt?

Zombie T-ShirtJust a reminder: Father's Day is coming and what Dad doesn't enjoy clothing that does the talking for him?  Why bother communicating verbally when you can just point at your shirt, watch someone's lips silently move, the gears turn in their brain and a smile slowly form on their face.  Today we feature our message t-shirt from the ifyouwereazombie.com store:

Oooh, look!  Stylish!  Everyone knows that shirts with messages on them are impressive.  Anybody can get a regular old t-shirt with a corporate logo or even a boring blank front.  But you... you are special.  You have the discerning intelligence to proudly display your philosophy to the world while tastefully covering your chiseled abs.  Yes, you are the height of fashion.  Tell everyone how you'd feel if they became a zombie.  Do it with a shirt. Buy one for every day of the week!

Buy one for all your Dads! .

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