Zombie Medusa Mashup Totally Not Against Your CC&Rs

Zombie Garden GnomeYou know that old lady down the street?  Yes, the one with garden gnomes, fountains, grecian columns, wagons turned planters and a big-ass, patriotic flag filling her front yard.  Well, nothing is more fun than trying to one-up the neighbors and here's your chance.

British artist Alan Dickinson has created this beautiful stone-ish sculpture of what awaits when the actual Zombie Apocalypse begins.  Design Toscano describes it:

Not for the faint of heart, Dickinson's life-sized, gray-toned zombie will claw his way out of your garden plot or family room corner, pleading for assistance with the most lifelike eyes you've ever seen. His macabre expression is captured in such great detail in quality designer resin and finished so realistically that you'll swear you can hear him breathing!

Couple problems with their description.  "Lifelike eyes", umm shouldn't they be more "Undeadlike eyes"?  And of course we all know that zombies don't actually breathe.  But hey, it's made of "quality designer resin"!  This isn't that resin they use for Wal-Mart zombie gnomes.  This is Designer Resin.

Put it in your front garden close to the sidewalk, set up a lawn chair and watch the festivities.  If someone is selling their house, be sure to put it within sight of their For Sale sign-- your neighbor will appreciate your thoughtfulness at sprucing up their property.  We're sure you'll be the toast of the subdivision as everyone salutes you for your good taste while they rapidly thumb through the Covenents, Conditions and Restrictions. .

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evil human girl

I have to get one! This will make a great late mother's day gift!!!



Zombie Pin-Up Girl

For the love of all thing unholy, I have to have one!!

Zombie Lover

This is so awesome, i wish they had different ones so you could deck your whole yard out. I'll keep em up all year too, the neighbors can suck it!

Can anyone help out here, I found this design and I thought it was too cool and I was just curious if anyone knows of any other art like this or if the artist made different ones?

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