Breaking News! Rumor! New Apple tablet patent shows product marketed for Zombie ergonomics? OMFSJ!!

Apple Zombie Tablet OhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhboy OMGOMFGHFMGFLAZAGMA! *gasp*   Once we saw this image from a recent patent filing by Apple we had to run all the way across the IYWAZ compound to post this so we could be one of the first to spread an unconfirmed rumor about a brand new Apple Tablet and oh are we excited because as you can see this tablet is plainly for the zombie user which means they know something that other people don't about the upcoming zombie apocalypse! OMFSJ!  *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*.

Ok, sorry about that. Catching our breath now.  As you can see the deformed hand in the USTPO patent submission clearly shows a device that is meant for easy operation by the fast-growing zombie community.  This fits in with other information aquired by IYWAZ that shows a major transition in the Apple product line.  We can't be too specific without endangering our sources, but new products are expected to have rounded fronts, tapered edges, brighter, high-contrast screens and improved batteries powered only by pure terror.  In any case, we've protected ourselves from potential lawsuits by clearly using a question mark in the title.

New products are expected to be announced in the next month by the increasingly zombie-like Steve Jobs.  Since everyone here at IYWAZ is a total Apple Fanboy, we've already sent some interns out to the Apple store to wait in line.  I don't care how much it costs or what it is, if Apple is making it I'm buying two. .

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