New Zombie Card, We Do Some Cleanin'

Zombie card newspaperThere comes a time in a web site's life when it undergoes certain... changes.  The site might notice that pages which were once light and airy have now become cramped and confining.  Links which once happily moved the visitor to wonderous new content start to malfunction and ads (which never actually pay off anyway) begin to sprout in the most inconvenient places.  It's an uncomfortable time, but with a little counseling and help from those special people known as web site developers  it all turns out better in the end.

Yep, we've done some housekeeping and boy was it about time.  There were little bits of electronic cruft everywhere!  You wouldn't believe some of the things we found hidden in the server behind the FAQ.   We're particularly fond of the new color scheme of  Grey, Gray, and Ghrey.  We think we've fixed all the issues, but you can never be sure.  If you see anything acting hinky, let us know in the comments or drop us a line.

 To celebrate, we've lazily recycled a graphic from the old site in zombie ecard form.  Hooray for old crap!

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