New Zombie Card, Dangerous Valentine's Research in Progress

We need your help.  Our researchers in the If You Were a Zombie Psychological Assessment and Relationship Enhancement department need subjects for an upcoming study.  We've all heard the saying, "It's the thought that counts" but precious little research has gone into checking its truthiness.

What better time to do a detailed study than Valentine's Day.  Yes, the day originally meant to honor two or three (seriously, who has time to count) martyred Christian saints named Valentine and has since morphed into the confectionary-fueled minefield which men in insecure relationships must traverse annually.

This year, instead of candy, flowers, jewelry or an incredibly sweet and creative night on the town send her this FREE ecard from  That's right, all you have to do to help is send this free Valentine's card

If she seems upset at the lack of additional loot, just tell her, "I thought this would be easier," or "I thought I'd save some money," or even "I thought it was all you deserved this year."  See, look at all that thought you put into this year's celebration!  Let us know how this worked out for you.  Our strangely single staff of researchers thanks you.

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kim Molner

Love these zombie cards!

Key Zombie

These are AWESOME!!! Going to send them all LOL

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