Animated Zombies are just as dead as the real thing

Nobody on staff at is into award shows. The categories often seem random, the presenters' delivery wooden, and the breathless winners reciting thank-you's to people we don't know is boring. However, after seeing this video by the band "hey Negrita" we've decided to offer our first ever Zommie. And the award for "The most creative use of a microphone stand in an animated British country-rock zombie music video" goes to:

Congratulations, guys!

Thanks to zombie enthusiast, "John" for the tip.

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Wow, that was wicked...

i saw part 2 on daily motion, check it out here

Zombie Source

That is awesome


Hahhaha that's a great video. Although the Austin news story made my day.

Thank you. :D

Hey, check out this blog: It's got great zombie comics!


My brain is a flutter with ideas on how to use text-to speech for zombie movies after watching this.

kill the zombie!>

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