College teaches skills for dealing with zombies, food-service industry.

Think of the United States' best colleges. Harvard, Princeton, College of the Canyons, MIT, Stanford. Wait, what was that middle one? Yes, COC in beautiful Sclarita, California is top of our list for this year's high school graduates. This fine school features concrete, military bunker-ish construction and interior decoration reminiscent of an industrial plant management office. But that's just a fancy bonus. This year, they're offering the class "Zombie Defense 101". Next to typing, we can't think of a more valuable skill. Are you planning to apply? Let us know in the comments.

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I'm moving now! Where's Sclarita? It isn't on google maps.

Dan (Rather be Anchorin')

Honey, pack the car, grab the kids -- hell, forget the kids! -- we're relocating to Sclarita, wherever the hell that is. Sounds like a skin disease.


Wanna see how a zombie pandemic would pan out if it were brought in by immigrants? Check out this sick infographic:


I think I've died and gone to heaven... oh, wait, if that's so, I wouldn't need to be prepared. Anyways, I think that every school should offer this course!


Really awesome trailer for new Zombie series, THE WALKING DEAD on AMC

Zombie Walking

Zombie Outbreak...


That'd be terrible if her boyfriend didn't make it... Muhuwahahahaha!


If, by some unfortunate turn of events, her boyfriend is eaten by a librarian zombie in flats, she can reach me at I have a safe house with a camping stove and plenty of cans of soup. And a siphon. And a wiener dog named Lulu.

Be well and good luck out there...


You can always practice by playing some Zombie Games


Oh ohh Not looking good!!!

Cool vid!

Zombie Stories!


awww hellz yeah, of course imma sign up for that. shoot em up games only do so much...

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