Store spreads dangerous disinformation! May be part of government plot.

 "Don" from writes:
Just thought I'd say hello. A friend had sent an e-card to me from your site.Appropriate, seeing as the store we run :-)

Ok, "Don". pretends to be a store that sells high-quality merchandise at low, low prices to long distance runners.  However their name shows their real purpose-- spread disinformation about the capabilities of zombies. 

Don't let them win!  Send our zombie tip card to your friends.  Help spread awareness and foil "Don's" transparent plans and misleadingly friendly, sideways smiley face.  Together we can make it through this.  Together, we are strong! 

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that card is adorable!! Cute!!@! LOL :-p


You're kidding right? is awesome. Why would they be working with the government? I don't understand this web site.


First post!


As zoey first said, if they move fast, just call zombie BS. They arent supposed to move fast.

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